The organization called People Before Profit (PBP for short) say that charging the citizens of Ireland to recycle is backwards thinking and is actually damaging the environment rather than saving it.

The People Before Profit party have grown tired of this, recently they launched a campaign against the “pay-by-weight” system. A system that was introduced by Ireland’s former minister of environment, Alan Kelly, during his last days of sitting in the government.

Brid Smith, the leader of PBP said on Newstalk Breakfast: “The plan disproportionately punitive on the less well of and the charges should be abolished.”

She means that charging for the environment is backwards thinking and is actually not helping the environment in any way.”Recycling makes people make an effort.” she says. Charging people for making an effort will in the long run have a negative effect, and might scare away people who are poor but still try to recycle. Because recycling items generate their own profit, it shouldn’t be something the citizens have to pay for.

According to a statement made on the Depart of the Environment website, the removal of a flat-fee for refusal of garbage collection will “promote greater segregation of waste”, which they say will improve recycling and allow house owners to save some money.

They also claim that up to 87% of Irish house holds will save money through the new “pay-by-weight” system, which in their eyes is the most effective waste prevention mechanism.