As Earth gets warmer by the year, we strive to find alternative ways to power our society. The need for clean and renewable energy is needed now more than ever. But what can the average Joe really do to cut down on his carbon footprint? Well there is a whole lot actually, and that’s what we’ll be covering today.

If you own a car, you might look into car pooling. For example, if you drive to work everyday try to see if you have some workfriends on your way there that you could pick up. Car pooling is a smart and easy to way to cut down on carbon emissions from your car. In the state of California there are special lanes on the freeways that give car poolers a faster way of travel. This encourages more people to carpool because they get something from it. It’s sad but most often people will not go green unless it benefits them in some way, so this is a great move by the state of California. Read more about the benefits carpool has on the environment here:

Another favorite is to use green lightbulbs. These are mad from LEDs which are superior to tradional bulbs in every way possible. Not only are they brighter, they will literally last you a lifetime. Nowadays they aren’t very expensive either, sure they might cost a little more but in the end you’re saving money. Why? Because they don’t use as much energy as traditional lightbulbs, meaning the electricity bill will be much lower in the end of the month. And while you’re at it, we suggest you get yourself some flashlights that use dynamo charging or solar cells. By using a dynamo you can recharge them when cranking the lever, meaning in almost indefinite energy. There’s a good article on this here:

The third tip we have is not as common, and quite controversial depending on who’s asking. But cutting on down the meat in your household can actually do a lot for the environment. We know, meat is tasty and beneficial for us humans. But eating too much of it can also harm us, it’s only healthy in doses. And speaking of healthy meat, most of the meat you find in fast food is NOT good for you. We’re not saying to go vegan, we’re just saying to cut down on your meat eating.

Our last advice is to travel smarter. One of the biggest causes of global warming are big airplanes, these spew out emissions in crazy. If possible try to take the train. It’s more expensive, but worth in the long run. Maybe not for you, but don’t you want your grandkids to be able to live in a normal environment?