ase3If you’ve been reading the news lately you’ve probably stumbled upon the word “fidget spinner”. A trend that’s sweeping across the globe and it’s showing no signs of stopping. So what is it exactly? While some call it a toy, others call it a medicine for their ADD or ADHD. Whatever you want to call it, you can’t deny that this is a fascinating trend.

Where does green thinking come into play though? Even though these small gadgets have helped people be more relaxed, there’s unfortunately a big downside to these toys. They consume massive amounts of plastic and even though the actual process of getting this plastic might be as harmful as other materials, it still has a large impact on the environment. Luckily enough, plastic is also one of those materials is easily recyclable. We had an idea that we wanted to put to the test, so we searched the net for someone that was into 3D printing and fidget spinners. After a couple of searches, we found someone called the FidgetExpert, a normal guy that has a passion for tinkering and DIY projects, so it felt natural for him to start making fidget spinners.

We contacted him and told what we had in mind and he was thrilled. It turns out that he’s actually a big supporter of the environmental movement, so this was a clear choice for him. Since the FidgetExpert makes all his spinners through 3D printing, we researched the different materials used. The most common one being PLA (polylactide), while not the strongest one it’s actually biodegradable so there’s at least some positives to this. But we thought we could make it even greener, we got in touch with the guys at B-pet, a company that specializes in making 3D filament from recycled PET bottles. They like the idea and sent us a batch of their recycled filament.

During the next few days, our friend over at FidgetExpert got working and he printed several nifty designs. He was very pleased with the results he got from the environmental friendly filament, actually so much he said he’s switching over to it completely. As for the spinners? He loved them and told us he would be starting to sell these very soon in his store.

Hopefully more big players will join him and produce recyclable spinners. Because even if the cause of the spinner is very neat, we still have to keep in mind that the production affects the earth in a bad way. Let’s hope for the best!