What many people these days don’t know is that living green is actually not that hard. Many will think you need to sell your house, move out to a cave and eat grass every day, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth! Did you know that a simple task as buying a different type of brand can have huge effects on the environment? We’ve covered 14 super easy ways to live a greener lifestyle at home without compromising it too much.

Buy your items for the long run. Sometimes it might be better to buy more expensive products, most of the time more expensive products will last a lot longer. Sure, in the moment you might save yourself a couple of hundred dollars, but in the long run you’ll actually lose money. Say you’re buying yourself a new couch, buying the cheapest you can find will leave you buying a new one every 5 or so. A high quality couch can last for decades, if not longer!

When buying food containers, make sure they’re free from harmful materials like bisphenol (BPA for short). This chemical can leak out from the plastic itself and leach itself into your food.

We know it’s nice to have it warm and cozy in your household, but lowering the temperature a couple of degrees will reduce your carbon footprint. See it this way, with it being colder you have more reasons to get under blankets and cuddle!

Buy a reusable bag, those made out of cotton mesh are readily available and will last you a looong time. Plus they’re considered fashion nowadays, it’s a win-win situation.

If you’re renovating your home you can add some much needed character by salvaging old items, pallets being one of the most popular ones. Pallets can be made into literally anything, tables, wall decorations, beds, and lots more.

Buy ecological items, they have to travel less thus decreasing the amount of toxins released into the atmosphere.

Paper towels, everybody loves them but please, you don’t need to buy new ones everyday! Buy paper towels that are reusable and washable, saves you money in the long run and the environment.

Find ways to improve your households energy consumption and efficiency. Some easy to do and common upgrades include: upgrading your windows, using a programmable thermostat, planting your own vegetables and herbs.

Throw out your standard light bulbs and start using LED lights, they are actually 75% more efficient than ordinary light bulbs, who knew? It’s virtually impossible to notice any difference as well, so why are you still using old fashioned light bulbs?

Make sure to recycle your food and compost it accordingly.

And while you’re at it, make sure to recycle and sort your other waste as well. It takes only a couple of more minutes but reduces the footprint by a lot.

Want to buy new appliances? Make sure to buy only those which are energy-star certified.

Use a barrel or some sort of open container in your garden to collect rain water, this water can then be used to water the plants in your garden.

If you’re reading this during the summer you can turn off your dryer and put your clothes on a drying line outside.