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Combining trends with green thinking

ase3If you’ve been reading the news lately you’ve probably stumbled upon the word “fidget spinner”. A trend that’s sweeping across the globe and it’s showing no signs of stopping. So what is it exactly? While some call it a toy, others call it a medicine for their ADD or ADHD. Whatever you want to call it, you can’t deny that this is a fascinating trend.

Where does green thinking come into play though? Even though these small gadgets have helped people be more relaxed, there’s unfortunately a big downside to these toys. They consume massive amounts of plastic and even though the actual process of getting this plastic might be as harmful as other materials, it still has a large impact on the environment. Luckily enough, plastic is also one of those materials is easily recyclable. We had an idea that we wanted to put to the test, so we searched the net for someone that was into 3D printing and fidget spinners. After a couple of searches, we found someone called the FidgetExpert, a normal guy that has a passion for tinkering and DIY projects, so it felt natural for him to start making fidget spinners.

We contacted him and told what we had in mind and he was thrilled. It turns out that he’s actually a big supporter of the environmental movement, so this was a clear choice for him. Since the FidgetExpert makes all his spinners through 3D printing, we researched the different materials used. The most common one being PLA (polylactide), while not the strongest one it’s actually biodegradable so there’s at least some positives to this. But we thought we could make it even greener, we got in touch with the guys at B-pet, a company that specializes in making 3D filament from recycled PET bottles. They like the idea and sent us a batch of their recycled filament.

During the next few days, our friend over at FidgetExpert got working and he printed several nifty designs. He was very pleased with the results he got from the environmental friendly filament, actually so much he said he’s switching over to it completely. As for the spinners? He loved them and told us he would be starting to sell these very soon in his store.

Hopefully more big players will join him and produce recyclable spinners. Because even if the cause of the spinner is very neat, we still have to keep in mind that the production affects the earth in a bad way. Let’s hope for the best!

How to go green in 4 easy steps

As Earth gets warmer by the year, we strive to find alternative ways to power our society. The need for clean and renewable energy is needed now more than ever. But what can the average Joe really do to cut down on his carbon footprint? Well there is a whole lot actually, and that’s what we’ll be covering today.

If you own a car, you might look into car pooling. For example, if you drive to work everyday try to see if you have some workfriends on your way there that you could pick up. Car pooling is a smart and easy to way to cut down on carbon emissions from your car. In the state of California there are special lanes on the freeways that give car poolers a faster way of travel. This encourages more people to carpool because they get something from it. It’s sad but most often people will not go green unless it benefits them in some way, so this is a great move by the state of California. Read more about the benefits carpool has on the environment here:

Another favorite is to use green lightbulbs. These are mad from LEDs which are superior to tradional bulbs in every way possible. Not only are they brighter, they will literally last you a lifetime. Nowadays they aren’t very expensive either, sure they might cost a little more but in the end you’re saving money. Why? Because they don’t use as much energy as traditional lightbulbs, meaning the electricity bill will be much lower in the end of the month. And while you’re at it, we suggest you get yourself some flashlights that use dynamo charging or solar cells. By using a dynamo you can recharge them when cranking the lever, meaning in almost indefinite energy. There’s a good article on this here:

The third tip we have is not as common, and quite controversial depending on who’s asking. But cutting on down the meat in your household can actually do a lot for the environment. We know, meat is tasty and beneficial for us humans. But eating too much of it can also harm us, it’s only healthy in doses. And speaking of healthy meat, most of the meat you find in fast food is NOT good for you. We’re not saying to go vegan, we’re just saying to cut down on your meat eating.

Our last advice is to travel smarter. One of the biggest causes of global warming are big airplanes, these spew out emissions in crazy. If possible try to take the train. It’s more expensive, but worth in the long run. Maybe not for you, but don’t you want your grandkids to be able to live in a normal environment?

5 Tips For Easy Green Living

If you liked our previous article covering 14 different tips for a greener life style, you’ll love this one.

Precycle, save money while saving the planet

That’s right, not recycle by precycle. This is the art of recycling an item already before you buy it. An example of precycling would be to buy a product that has less packaging, thus leaving you with less to recycle afterwards. When it comes to food, you’re better of buying fresh food from local farmers markets or co-ops. These will allow you skip on all the packaging that’s associated with grocery shopping.

Not only will it save you the environment and money, it helps your longevity since local food is always fresher and contains way more vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health.

If you can’t find a local farmers market you could always buy yourself a large container to store food. Instead of buying several small packages of your favorite food, buy one extra large instead and keep it in the container for future use.

Stop using bottles and cans

This is the same kind of idea as precycling. Plastic bottles can take between 400-1,000 years to decompose while cans average 350. We know, they can be recycled and so on, but if you can skip the recycling part from the beginning you’re doing mother earth a huge favor.Buy yourself a reusable water bottle and start using it, if you’re a soda drinker it’s a good time to stop drinking it, it will recycle your insides. But if you need to pour soda into your stomach from time to time, a soda streamer might be a good investment, but even then, you have to buy gas canisters and new flavors (which come in plastic bottles), so you’re really better off with just water.

Buy things second hand

Most of the time, the things you want to buy (not including food) can be bought second hand. The problem here is that most people associate the term “second hand” with old and trashed items. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost all of my items I own are bought second hand, all of my camera gear, my bicycle, my skateboard, my desktop and plenty more! Believe it or not but there are actually people caring for their items, not everything you find will be destroyed, but we of course advise you to check the item out before buying it.

There are plenty of flea markets and Facebook groups where you can either sell, buy or swap your old items. If you live in the USA you can go to Craigslist and check their free stuff listings, there are plenty of hidden gems there just waiting for you. Some interesting finds are pianos, couches, motorboats and even a free possum.

Unplug electrical stuff you don’t use

To save energy, money and the environment it’s smart to unplug stuff you don’t use around the house. Not using that charger for your cellphone? Unplug it. Coffee maker not brewing any coffee? Unplug it. Not watching TV? Unplug it. You get the gist.

But we also know that unplugging everything around the house is easily forgettable, there’s a product called “Smart Strip LCG” which is produced by 3M. It’s an energy saving surge protector with a smart auto switching technology. Meaning that if you’re not using your electrical items, the device will automatically turn them off.

Create your own cleaning products

Not a lot of people know this but you can create your own cleaning products, they work just as good as the real thing but cost much less to make. The follow the precycling rules, which allows them to be used over and over again. The ingredients are also way less toxic than commercial products, in other words they pollute less but offer the same effect. If you can’t be bothered to create your own products, try to find locally produce cleaning products.

14 EASY ways to live a greener lifestyle at home

What many people these days don’t know is that living green is actually not that hard. Many will think you need to sell your house, move out to a cave and eat grass every day, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth! Did you know that a simple task as buying a different type of brand can have huge effects on the environment? We’ve covered 14 super easy ways to live a greener lifestyle at home without compromising it too much.

Buy your items for the long run. Sometimes it might be better to buy more expensive products, most of the time more expensive products will last a lot longer. Sure, in the moment you might save yourself a couple of hundred dollars, but in the long run you’ll actually lose money. Say you’re buying yourself a new couch, buying the cheapest you can find will leave you buying a new one every 5 or so. A high quality couch can last for decades, if not longer!

When buying food containers, make sure they’re free from harmful materials like bisphenol (BPA for short). This chemical can leak out from the plastic itself and leach itself into your food.

We know it’s nice to have it warm and cozy in your household, but lowering the temperature a couple of degrees will reduce your carbon footprint. See it this way, with it being colder you have more reasons to get under blankets and cuddle!

Buy a reusable bag, those made out of cotton mesh are readily available and will last you a looong time. Plus they’re considered fashion nowadays, it’s a win-win situation.

If you’re renovating your home you can add some much needed character by salvaging old items, pallets being one of the most popular ones. Pallets can be made into literally anything, tables, wall decorations, beds, and lots more.

Buy ecological items, they have to travel less thus decreasing the amount of toxins released into the atmosphere.

Paper towels, everybody loves them but please, you don’t need to buy new ones everyday! Buy paper towels that are reusable and washable, saves you money in the long run and the environment.

Find ways to improve your households energy consumption and efficiency. Some easy to do and common upgrades include: upgrading your windows, using a programmable thermostat, planting your own vegetables and herbs.

Throw out your standard light bulbs and start using LED lights, they are actually 75% more efficient than ordinary light bulbs, who knew? It’s virtually impossible to notice any difference as well, so why are you still using old fashioned light bulbs?

Make sure to recycle your food and compost it accordingly.

And while you’re at it, make sure to recycle and sort your other waste as well. It takes only a couple of more minutes but reduces the footprint by a lot.

Want to buy new appliances? Make sure to buy only those which are energy-star certified.

Use a barrel or some sort of open container in your garden to collect rain water, this water can then be used to water the plants in your garden.

If you’re reading this during the summer you can turn off your dryer and put your clothes on a drying line outside.